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XdrApi object reference

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Quick reference to functions available in the XdrApi object and its TypeScript signature. Full TSDoc reference available in the project repository

Alert API (XdrApi.alert)#

  • insParsed

    Upload alerts from external alert sources in Cortex XDR format. Cortex XDR displays alerts that are parsed successfully in related incidents and views. You can send 600 alerts per minute. Each request can contain a maximum of 60 alerts.

insParsed: (alerts: XdrAlert[]) => Promise<InsertParsedAlertsResponse>

Audit API (XdrApi.audit)#

  • auditAgentReport

    Get agent event reports.

auditAgentReport: (filters: AuditFilter[], search_from?: number | undefined, search_to?: number | undefined, sort?: AuditSort | undefined) => Promise<AgentReportResponse>
  • managementLogs

    Get audit management logs.

managementLogs: (filters: ManagementFilter[], search_from?: number | undefined, search_to?: number | undefined, sort?: ManagementSort | undefined) => Promise<ManagementLogResponse>
  • quarantineStatus

    Retrieve the quarantine status for a selected file.

quarantineStatus: (files: QuarantineItem[]) => Promise<QuarantineStatusResponse>

Device Control API (XdrApi.deviceControl)#

  • getDeviceViolations

    Gets a list of device violations filtered by selected fields.

getDeviceViolations: (filters: ViolationFilter[], search_from?: number | undefined, search_to?: number | undefined, sort?: ViolationSort | undefined) => Promise<GetDeviceViolationsResponse>

Distributions API (XdrApi.distributions)#

  • create

    Create an installation package. This is an async call that returns the distribution ID, it does not mean that the creation succeeded. To confirm the package has been created, check the status of the distribution by running the Get Distribution Status API.

create: (distributon: PackageStandalone | PackageUpgrade) => Promise<CreateDistributionResponse>
  • status

    Check the status of the installation package.

status: (distributionId: string) => Promise<DistributionStatusResponse>
  • url

    Get the distribution URL for downloading the installation package.

url: (distributionId: string, packageType: PackageType) => Promise<DistributionUrlResponse>

End Point API (XdrApi.endpoint)#

  • get

    Gets a list of filtered endpoints. Response is concatenated using AND condition (OR is not supported). Maximum result set size is 100

get: (filters: EndpointFilter[], search_from?: number | undefined, search_to?: number | undefined, sort?: EndpointSortCriteria | undefined) => Promise<GetEndpointResponse>
  • getAll

    Gets a list of your endpoints

getAll: () => Promise<GetAllEndpointResponse>
  • isolate

    Isolate one or more endpoints in a single request

isolate: (criteria: string | EndpointFilter[]) => Promise<IsolateEndpointResponse>
  • unisolate

    Unisolate one or more endpoints in a single request

unisolate: (criteria: string | EndpointFilter[]) => Promise<UnisolateEndpointResponse>
  • scan

    Run a scan on selected endpoints

scan: (filters: EndpointFilter[]) => Promise<ScanEndpointResponse>
  • cancelScan

    Cancel the scan of selected endpoints. A scan can only be aborted if the selected endpoints are in Pending or in Progress status.

cancelScan: (filters: EndpointFilter[]) => Promise<CancelScanEndpointResponse>
  • delete

    Delete selected endpoints in the Cortex XDR app. You can delete up to 100 endpoints.

delete: (filters: EndpointFilter[]) => Promise<DeleteEndpointResponse>
  • policy

    Get the policy name for a specific endpoint

policy: (endpointId: string) => Promise<PolicyEndpointResponse>
  • retrieveFile Retrieve files from selected endpoints. You can retrieve up to 20 files, from no more than 100 endpoints.
retrieveFile: (filters: EndpointFilter[], files: Partial<RetrieveFiles>) => Promise<FileRetrieveEndpointResponse>
  • quarantineFile

    Quarantine file on selected endpoints.

quarantineFile: (filters: EndpointFilter[], filePath: string, fileHash: string) => Promise<FileQuarantineEndpointResponse>
  • restoreFile

    Restore a quarantined file on a requested endpoints.

restoreFile: (fileHash: string, endpoint_id?: string | undefined) => Promise<FileRestoreEndpointResponse>

Hash Exception API (XdrApi.hashException)#

  • blacklistFile

    Blacklist requested files which have not already been blacklisted or whitelisted.

blacklistFile: (hashList: string[], comment?: string | undefined) => Promise<BlacklistFileResponse>
  • whitelistFile

    Whitelist requested files which have not already been blacklisted or whitelisted.

whitelistFile: (hashList: string[], comment?: string | undefined) => Promise<WhitelistFileResponse>

Incident API (XdrApi.incident)#

  • get

    Get a list of incidents filtered by a list of incident IDs, modification time, or creation time.

get: (filter: IncidentFiler[], search_from?: number | undefined, search_to?: number | undefined, sort?: SortCriteria | undefined) => Promise<GetIncidentsResponse>
  • getExtraData

    Get extra data fields of a specific incident including alerts and key artifacts.

getExtraData: (incidentId: string, alertsLimit: number) => Promise<GetIncidentsDetailsResponse>
  • updateIncident

    Update one or more fields of a specific incident. Missing fields are ignored.

updateIncident: (incidentId: string, udpdateData: UpdateData) => Promise<UpdateIncidentResponse>