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The following presents a high-level overview of the tools, resources and documentation available to anyone interested in learning more about the Cortex Data Lake APIs.

The Cortex Data Lake API is a collection of cloud-based services intended to support the rapid prototyping and development of security applications, services and integrations.


Leverage powerful and capable REST APIs to help turn your next innovative idea into a reality.

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OAuth 2.0#

Proven, industry-standard authorization framework for empowering end users to decide what permissions a CDL app should have.

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Libraries and SDKs#

Developing your next CDL app or integration in Python? NodeJS? Java? Just looking to get started? The Developer Relations team has you covered.

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API Explorer#

  • Query Explorer โœ…
  • OAuth 2.0 support โœ…
  • Sandbox โœ…

Let API Explorer help jumpstart your exploration or next development project.

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